HVAC, Refrigeration & Ducting Systems

Design, Installation and Servicing

• HVAC, refrigeration & ducting systems

Which includes chilled water systems, package & split units, involving fabrication/installation of air handling units , evaporator coils etc

• Duct cleaning services

This is carried out based on HEPA filtration process up to 99.97% At 0.3Micron size. Process complies with NADCA standard ACR 2002 for assessment, cleaning & restoration of HVAC systems.

Latest News

Rigfit7Seas Add Further Capability to Duct Cleaning Services.

Due to high demand Rigfit7Seas have recently added a further two sets of duct cleaning equipment to its inventory to service our Duct Cleaning projects worldwide, on this page are some before and after pictures of a recent project executed by our Duct cleaning team. Air duct cleaning on any asset...

Tuesday 2nd April 2019